Code of conduct

To retain a healthy work environment, we require the client to deliver the information/data required to start the project on time.

This deadline is typically set at the start of the collaboration but is subject to change depending on the complexity of the project and the wishes of the client.

Projects with a high urgency level will require a 20% additional payment fee, to be paid upfront.

Shymow is a small company with few workers. Therefore, If the client fails to deliver required files/documents or necessary information before the delivery deadline, we will reschedule your project for a later date. The client will be placed in the back of the queue, to ensure that this does not affect our other clients. The project will be cancelled if the client fails to deliver the necessary documents/information within 2 months of the first set deadline.

If the client wishes to still continue the project, a new application must be entered and any fees need to be paid again.

The client is allowed to make MINIMAL changes (for example; pictures, colors)  to the project’s details within 7 days of accepting the proposal. 

The client is required to pay the final amount within 30 days of delivering the project. After 30 days, the client will receive a 1st reminder by email, with no additional cost. If the client fails to pay within 14 days of the 1st reminder, we will increase the bill by 10% and send a 2nd reminder. Failure to pay within another 7 days of the 2nd reminder, will increase the bill by 25% and send you a 3rd and final warning. After the 3rd reminder, we will follow with legal pursuit, and any additional month will receive a 10% increase in the costs of the project.

Any official communication about the project only by mail. Phone conversations scheduled  by email and paid per hour (See rates at https://www.Shymow.es/ for consulting)

Urgent (unscheduled) phone calls about the project changes are priced at €50 per 30 minutes.

In case of scheduled services, for example posting on Social Media, if the client wishes to temporarily suspend services, inform us 21 days in advance or the scheduled payment persists.

Delivering content for social media, ads, etc; minimum of 3 days before posting/mailing/design etc. If not delivered before, project will still be billed but not delivered (especificar servicio mensual)