Web Design

Are you a small freelancer, an SME or a large company and you want to have a professional, functional website with an attractive design that encourages sales? With our web design and development service we help you achieve your goals!

Your website is the first contact with the client, and it has to be created by and for him. We will get you a website that increases your income.

We create your online store and prepare it for you to make scalable sales.

What kind of web development do we offer?

  • Web design and development
  • Responsive web
  • User experience and user interface optimization.
  • Landing pages
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Payment gateways
  • Migration
  • Custom developments: Prestashop, Magento and WordPress
  • Consultancy
  • Web maintenance
From personal brands to large companies

Who is the web development service aimed at?

  • Small self-employed entrepreneurs starting new businesses.
  • Startups (web and apps).
  • Online stores (e-commerce).
  • SMEs that create websites or who want to revise their website to convert more.
  • Blogs of professionals from certain sectors.
  • Large companies that develop or modify their corporate websites.
  • Websites or apps that do not convert and need revaluation and changes.

A tailor-made website: web development in Catalan, Dutch, English and Spanish

In the process of creating and designing web pages, aspects that will be essential for the final result to be optimal and efficient must be taken into account. Our digital marketing company in Barcelona offers you web design services with which we will ensure that the elements of your page are consistent with each other and adapt to your needs. Thus, we will take into account the importance of corporate colors and graphic design to create an image that is quickly related to your company’s brand. The corporate identity has to come from a good branding that takes into account the essence of the company. We will capture this essence to reflect it on the new website.


The visual aspect of the page is vital in web development, and at Shymow we will treat it carefully so that it transmits what your brand is. We will create an attractive website that motivates users to stay and browse it.


Another element that we will take into account to create your website is the information architecture . We will give a specific order to the structure of the content taking into account its level of importance. 

In this way, the most relevant information about your business will be the first to appear, and we will organize the content so that nothing is lost. Of course, always respecting the hierarchy of information. We will develop a website for you.

And in the first position: your website!


A website can have an excellent design, optimal usability and an enviable user experience, but if customers do not reach it because search engines cannot find it, all this is of little use. So that the website of your company or online store is visible and stands out above the others, we offer you a quality SEO positioning service.

We will work on both on-page and off-page SEO and we will analyze the results to implement improvements on the web. And with an online marketing strategy made to measure we will investigate the main and secondary keywords related to your business. Then we will use them both in the content and in the titles and SEO descriptions so that the positioning of your website is number one in Google searches. 


Between your website and users


What we all want for our website is that the user wants to continue browsing the page once they reach it and do not leave immediately. That is why we will pay special attention to making the interactions intuitive and easy to handle in order to retain the customer and make them want to continue gossiping on our website.

We will create a communicative, attractive and easy to find website that attracts the interest of users. In addition, we will take into account the company – client relationship so that the interaction between both is effective. We will help the user to feel that they can communicate with the other side to answer questions, seek information or simply give their opinion, and that everything has a quick, attentive and friendly response. To achieve this objective we will use social networks, which will always be of great help, and we will use call to action buttons to encourage interaction. The user experience on our website will be essential so that they return more times and get them to convert, which will always be the final goal. With our services your website will be interesting, attractive and profitable.