The rate or price of a website may vary depending on the type of website, for example, if more languages are needed, or if it is a custom project. In addition, the web development budget will vary, for example, if an online store or e-commerce has 20 products or has 1000.

However, below you will find standard prices of our web design agency that are valid for most websites except those that need their own custom development or extras, which would entail a personalized web budget.

Professional web design: keys, prices and rates

The keys to a professional design is not only usability and that the website has aesthetic beauty and shows the values of it. It has to be focused on attracting, retaining and retaining.

The website will be different if your sector belongs to construction, if it is an industrialcompany, whether it is in the healthcare or beauty sector. Therefore, a website oriented to receive downloads of an application will be strategically different from that of a website that sells courses.

What the price of website development includes

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Website types and prices

Depending on the type of website, more or less hours of dedication and resources are required. In the price table below you will find the prices according to typology. In this section we briefly explain each type of website with its features:

Price web design One page

  • All content is concentrated in a single cover.
  • Indicated to include little information.
  • Serves as a business card, informative page.
  • Includes contact form.
  • Connection with social networks.

Some examples:

  • Landing pages App
  • Campaigns
  • Online resume

Corporate website price

  • It has several sections.
  • Extended information on services and/or products.
  • Informational, persuasive page.
  • Includes contact form.
  • Connection with social networks.
  • Sliders with images.

Some examples:

  • Professionals (doctors, architects, computer science, marketing, commercials, designers…)
  • Corporate pages (SMEs: clinics, restaurants, construction companies, industrial sector, physical stores that do not sell online…)
  • Personal brands and Portfolios

Price e-commerce or online store

  • It has several sections and categories.
  • Online payment system.
  • Page optimized for sale.
  • Includes contact form.
  • Connection with social networks (if any).
  • Live chat for inquiries.

Some examples:

  • All kinds of online stores
  • Online sale of services and products

Rates for web development and design

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Beyond price and web budget: choosing well

Hiring a web design service is an important decision, and beyond knowing how much a website costs, it is important to know that it will be of quality. That is, the website will represent your brand, which will generate trust and, therefore, users and customers.

The website is the first contact of your customers with your business. At Shymow we will create a website that suits your needs and invite users to stay on it.

To turn users into real customers we will create an attractive website taking into account your personal, corporate or e-commerce brand to represent your company and its values.

Having a professional,modern and up-to-date image transmits confidence and quality, so we will take care of the design and usability of your website in detail.

We will make your website impact on users who search for services or products like yours, transmitting that your company is exactly what they need.

Why choose the Shymow agency for your website design

Not only are we web developers with affordable rates, we really focus web design from a native marketingperspective, thinking about the strategies your target needs. When you’re shuffling the different options and prices of websites, as well as digital marketing, always consider working with the best and most qualified.

It should be noted that Shymow is a small agency, working remotely. Therefore, by not having large costs of structure andrental, we can offer highly competitive prices in terms of website development and in digital marketing with the same or greater results as a large agency.

Having few customers, we take good care of them. We offer customized solutions. Most of our clients are from Barcelona, but we are currently working with all of Spain and Europe.

And then: promote yourself with digital marketing

At present it is not enough to have a domain name, a contact form, a good content manager and a good graphic design. It is essential to have a good
positioning in search engines,
that is, to appear on Google when searching for the brand with certain keywords.

Social media also serves as the company’s speaker and support for the web project. It is important to develop online presence, obtain a database of potential customers and then loyalty through re-marketing, e-mail marketing or various strategic actions. At Shymow we can help you penetrate the market, get sales and get a good return on investment through digital marketing strategies.

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